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Translation: Use modal verbs

Hello. This is my new English homework 🙂

1. Вам не нужно делать презентацию этого изобретения сегодня. Вы сможете сделать ее через неделю.

You don’t have to make a presentation of this invention. You will be able to make it next week (in a week).

2. Они, должно быть, знают много о нашем инновационном проекте, но я не уверен.

They might know a lot about our innovative project but I’m not sure.

3. Я не думаю, что вам следует расспрашивать незнакомого художника о его планах на будущее. Вы бы лучше пришли на его выставку.

I don’t think you should ask unfamiliar artist about his future plans. You had better visit his exhibition.

4. Возможно, они сейчас как раз обсуждают вопрос о начале производства инженерного оборудования. Они должны были подписать все документы вчера.

They might be discussing a question about start of production of engineering equipment. They must have signed all of the documents yesterday.

5. Не может быть, что ему сорок лет. Он выглядит гораздо моложе. Должно быть, он следит за своим здоровьем.

No way he is 40. (He can’t be 40 years old) He looks much younger. He must be taking care of his health.

6. Современный покупатель выбирает долговечные удобные для пользователя приборы, выпускаемые в различных вариациях цвета и формы.

Modern consumer chooses durable and usable appliances produced in different varieties of colour and shape.

7. Необходимо, чтобы достижения современной науки имели положительное влияние на жизнь людей. Кроме того, новые технологии должны быть экологически чистыми.

Advances of modern science must have a positive impact on people’s lives. More than that,  new technologies must be environmentally friendly (eco-friendly).

8. Основной причиной успеха этой продукции является то, что она оправдывает свою стоимость и ее производство хорошо отлажено.

The main reason for success of the product is that it is a value for money and its production is streamlined (well established).

Active Vocabulary

  • invention – [count noun] something, typically process or device, which was designed or created;
  • innovative – [adjective] featuring new methods; advanced and original;
  • durable – [adjective] able to last for very long; able to stand wear, pressure and damage;
  • usable – [adjective] easy, comfortable to use;
  • advance – [count noun] achievement, development or improvement; forward movement;
  • streamlined – [adjective] smooth, with very little resistance to flow of water or air, increasing speed and ease of movement; efficient and effective (well established);
  • value for money – something that is worth its price; practical;
  • would rather / had better
  • environmentally friendly – not damaging or polluting environment.

Anton Danshin

P.S. I’ll probably add some explanation grammar soon.

Last modified: 23 Feb 2012

Translate, please #1

Howdy, dear readers!

Today we start the Monthly Translation Contest!

You are given a paragraph in English. The task is to translate the paragraph into your native language (or into one of the common languages). You don’t have to provide the exact translation.

The main point is that you must get the idea and explain it in your language. Also, you are to identify the source of the paragraph (at least point out the direction where the text could be found).

If you include this to make a call to another constructor in the same class, the other constructor would have either an explicit this call in the beginning of the code block or an explicit or implicit (added by the compiler) super call. If the other constructor had a this call, then at the end of this chain, a super call would be made eventually.

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