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Symphony of Slang

Looking through the latest videos by Philochko on Youtube, I came across a couple of ones that I really liked and enjoyed watching. In the videos, he explains a lot of slang words and expressions that were used in a really amazing cartoon by Tex Avery – “Symphony in Slang“. It is really awesome!!!

According to Wikipedia, “Symphony in Slang” is a 1951 cartoon short directed by Tex Avery, written by Rich Hogan and released by MGM. Minimalist and abstract in style (many of the “gags” are created either with single, still frames or limited animation), it tells the story of a man John Brown, who finds himself at the Pearly Gates explaining the story of his life to a bewildered Saint Peter and Noah Webster using slang of that era. The majority of the short is made up of sight gags based on Peter and Webster’s imagined, literal understandings of such phrases as “I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth” and “Outside it was raining cats and dogs.”

If you like English, you must WATCH IT!

And here are the clarifications from Philochko.

Have fun! 🙂