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Effects of Alcohol Consumption on HRV and Sleep


Excessive alcohol consumption is not uncommon among high school, collegiate and professional athletes. This typically occurs after competitions during the season and likely with greater frequency throughout the offseason. Today I’d like to share what I’ve learned after reading through the available research pertaining to alcohol and HRV in healthy individuals. In addition I will post up some ithlete data I’ve collected showing the effects that excessive drinking has on HRV.

Bau and colleagues (2011) investigated the effects of 60g of ethanol ingestion on HRV in young men. HRV was measured before and during the following 17 hours after ingestion. Compared to the control group, the ethanol group saw a decrease in all time domain indices of HRV that persisted for 10 hours.

Koskinen et al (1994) tested the effects of ethanol consumption (1g/kg) on HRV in healthy young males (n=12). HRV was measured prior to ethanol ingestion and…

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