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[English Essay] Creating New Society

Nuclear explosionAgain, new English homework. Essay on the topic “Creating new society”.

There are a lot of stuff on the internet concerning this extremely boring topic and I could have easily copied it… But I was so lazy to google, so I just wrote down some of my thoughts. If you are still interested in reading this bullshit, here it is. But don’t say that I didn’t give you a warning.

The future society

People have been involved in social relationships, creating their worlds and civilizations, since homo sapiens first appeared on Earth. When people live in the same area, they usually have a lot in common and they become connected not only geographically – they create a society.

Wikipedia gives the following definition to the word society: “A society, or a human society, is a group of people related to each other through persistent relations, or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or virtual territory, subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations”.

Societies don’t stay still, they develop. They also don’t last forever and one society goes after another, and our society is not an exception – it is already changing into a new one. In fact, we already see some of the changes in lives of people. The question is: where is this going? What will a new society be like? Apparently, our future relies on high technologies, or high tech. We already got used to smart phones with touch-screen, internet, social networking and so on. Next might be an augmented reality, robots, micro-chips implanted into human body…

There is one interesting hypothesis about the society of immortal people. There are actually some people who believe in this and call themselves immortalists. They believe that there will be invented a medicine (or some kind of medical procedure) for life prolongation, which will let a human live forever. I might have something to do with gene engineering, stem cells and organ transplantation. The theory also suggests that the richer a person the longer they would live. But the fact that life expectancy will be higher causes a significant change in society. People will obviously have to get rid of criminals somehow, tighten laws, introduce some measures to control human reproduction, new ways for communication, education, entertainment and so on.

As far as I’m concerned, this hypothesis is not realistic. I don’t think there will be a  way to increase life expectancy significantly. Yes, our technology and medicine are developing very fast, and so do viruses and bacteria. To say nothing about how rapidly is developing the problem of environment pollution. Besides, the natural energy resources seem to be not unlimited.

I see our future in high-tech devices, implanted microchips that augment our perception. Due to development of mobile devices, internet and cloud technologies, people will no longer need to have desktop PCs or even laptops. Computers will be everywhere and could be easily accessed by anyone for free – you will only need to provide your ID to get online. Medicine will experience a huge influence of computers, which will help doctors to diagnose and even to treat patients. Changes will also take place in political sphere and international relationship: the country borders will start to blur and eventually disappear. There will be only one multi-national country with just one stable currency and official language (English, of course). People will spend more time at home because they will be able to work remotely. Distance learning will substitute regular one. People will become more open-minded and there will be no such term as “minority”…

Of course this is just my thoughts about future society. But who knows, maybe some of those things can actually happen. We’ll see what  we’ll see.

— that was about 560 words of crap… thank you for taking your time! 🙂

Take care!

P.S. You can also watch the following movies: Inception, The Matrix, Cube, In time.

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