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Table description: Leisure time in Someland

Task: Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information in the table below.

Hours of leisure time per year in Someland

Possible model of answer.

The table shows the average amount of leisure time among different age groups per year in Someland. Seven age groups are covered from teens to 70+ and 6 different activities are mentioned, specifically: watching TV, socializing with 4 or fewer people, socializing with more than 4 people, individual exercise, group exercise, cinema.

The highest amount of spare time people of all ages spend watching TV and videos, with the maximum being equal to 1,200 hours in teens. The vast majority of elderly people aged 70 watch TV 1,100 hours per year. The least popular activity is cinema. People spend their leisure time in cinema about 50 hours per year, with the highest number being 100 in teens. The table shows that teens and people in their 20s tend to socialize with 4 or more people, while other age groups usually socialize with less number of people. The same pattern can be observed for individual and group exercises. The latter is more popular among the youth: teens spend 450 hours per year being involved in group sports, which is 3 times as many as the number of hours of individual exercises.

On the whole, the table shows that a quarter of their leisure time watching TV and videos and only about 1/6 of time corresponds to physical activity. The youth spend more time socializing with many people and doing some group sport activities. But the numbers are gradually decreasing with the age.

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