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I used to do …

Long time ago (on October, 26 to be precise) our teacher asked us to make a short story about ourselves. We have to use ‘used to’ and ‘would’ in order to describe our past habits and actions.

As for me, I don’t like this type of tasks. I have a lot to say about what I used to do when I was a child, but I don’t want to make it as a some kind of essay, in written form. Ask me anything – and I tell you about it. I can speak about myself a lot but I don’t want to write…

I have put off doing my homework for very long, so I ran out of excuses. There is one question before me, and one answer is required. The question is ‘What did I use to in my childhood?’. In this article I’m going to solve my problem with writing about myself and get rid of it once and for all! >>

What did I use to do in my childhood?

Let me begin with the age of 5. I was a little boy who lived with his parents and elder sister. There was a locker where my sister had her stuff (such as cosmetics, combs, rubbers, etc.). I used to break into it and play, turning it into a complete mess. It was fun, because I knew that my sister was very kind and wouldn’t till off me much. That were the times of audio-cassettes, and my sister had a lot of them. I would play with tape and destroy the cassettes (sorry!). We used to listen to music together. Usually, it was Ace of Base, Cher, C.C. Catch and other foreign pop-music of the 90s. I didn’t know and understand the songs, but I really loved the music. It were probably my sister’s audio cassettes and the music of 90s that made me like English.

At the age of 7, I went to the first grade of our local primary school. I used to have hard time learning how to write properly and carefully. My mom and my sister would “help” me by pushing me to do what the teacher told, by making me cry every time they tore the pages with mistakes from my copybook, by criticising me every time I wrote or read incorrectly… However, that worked. I managed to get over it. Although, I used to have some problems with the reading speed tests (I used to get very nervous and read very slowly).

First, I wanted to become an electrician. There was a very old soviet radio (as Stan from ‘South Park‘ would say, ‘it was more ancient than Madonna’s boobs’). I used to open it, look into it. I wanted to make it receive as many radio station as possible, so I would attach the wire to its antenna and ‘deploy’ it around the flat. I have no idea of how my parents managed to go through all that “web of wire”. 🙂 As time passed by, I forgot about the radio and got obsessed with the idea of becoming a doctor.

My primary school days were full of fun! I used to hang out with my friends. We would play different games, such as ‘hide-and-seek’, ‘barely-back’, war games, ‘cops and robbers’ and of course different ball games. But a liked reading about biology and chemistry as well. The thing was that our school threw away a lot of old textbooks and I was very curious and used to delve into the heap of all those books searching for something interesting. Sometimes I had to make a hard choice between books and hanging around with friends. Guess what I always chose? Of course, I used to read about human body, how it works, even on physiological level. The greatest book I found was ‘The problems of age physiology’ by Markosyan. It was cool, to some extent, to know that you know something that other children of your age don’t know (know-know-know…). 🙂

What else did we do at that age? Well, there was an old abandoned place with a lot of broken machines, engines and equipment thrown away. We used to disassemble that stuff and collect bearings, magnets, wire coils (inductors). It was quite dirty there because of oil, but it was interesting. Not as interesting as those books but still. Who knows, maybe I did it because of the influence of others.

Another exciting thing we did was explosions. For example, we would find some carbide (as we used to call it) put it into a plastic bottle with water, shake it and in a minute we had a bomb which could explode any second. That was crazy. Such a bomb nearly banged in my hands! 🙂

From the fifth grade, I studied in our local secondary school. I used to be a diligent and obedient boy. I used to do ALL my homework and prepare for classes well. A lot of my classmates used to copy my tests, sometimes I helped them with their studying. I used to want to be the best, at least in studying. And one day, I found the way to stand out from all pupils at school – to learn programming.

It was totally my initiative. I knew that in my 9th grade at school I must determine my career: I could go to start diving into biology and chemistry and then go to a medical university, or I could become a computer programmer. The first option seemed to require a lot of patience and responsibility (a doctor should be responsible, you know). So, I chose the second option and don’t regret it.

A lot of things are not covered in this article. You can contribute to it by asking questions.

I hope you enjoyed reading this shit. Feel free to comment on it. 🙂

Anton Danshin.

P.S. If you’ve got something to add to this story (maybe, you was somehow involved in it), you may write about that to me. I’ll consider everything!

UPD 17.08.2012: My teacher verified my work and told me to correct some mistakes 🙂

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