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10 common expressions

Interesting lesson from Engvid! Enjoy!

Original: 10 Common English Expressions


1. Twenty four seven(24/7)

Ex. You can access our website 24/7!  (every day and every minute)

2. Get the ball rolling

Ex. Let’s get the ball rolling! (let’s start right now!)

3. Take it easy

Ex. I’m gonna take it easy. (I’m gonna relax)

* gonna = going to

4. Sleep on it

Ex. I’ll get back to you tomorrow. I have to sleep on it. (I have to think about it)

5. Broke

Ex. I’m broke. (I have no money)

6. Sharp

Ex. The meeting is at 7 o’clock sharp. (exactly at 7, don’t be late!)

7. Like the back of my hand

Ex. I know this city like the back of my hand. (I know it very well)

8. Give me a hand

Ex. Would you give me a hand? (help me)

9. In ages– for a long time

10. Sick and tired

Ex. I’m sick and tired of doing the homework! (I hate it)

To be continued…

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